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Children and Grief

Understanding and Helping Children Process Death Long before we realize it, children become aware of death. They see dead birds, insects and animals lying by the road. They may see death at least [...]

What is Grief?

What is Grief? Grief is the combination of sorrow, strong emotion, and the resulting confusion that comes from losing someone important to you. Not only do you mourn the loss of that person, but [...]


A Tear For You John

A Tear For You John I never would have imagined that a blink could be so meaningful. It seems you were just here one blink and the next blink was so tearful. John, it’s unintentional but true, [...]

Lord Please

Our daughter Ruby passed away a year ago on February 12, 2007, she was only 21 months and had complications to RSV that resulted in brain death.  For her one year going home to Jesus anniversary, [...]

Joshua Joy

Joshua Joy by Lisa Marie Webster Mysterious life, why did you pass away? I find it hard to say goodbye to someone that I did not know –even though you were such a part of me. We didn’t know if [...]

Special Baby

Special Baby by Taylor Winn There was a special baby named Dominique who passed away She was a loveable baby and we wish she was still here. An angel up high in the sky, but now in our hearts It [...]

Does Anyone Know?

Does Anyone Know? Does anyone know what today should be? Anyone else or is it only me? Does anyone know how great today would have been, If you would have come now, instead of then? It seems [...]

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